Read this brief installation note while ColorMagic is downloading

To upgrade ColorMagic, first ensure that ColorMagic is NOT running.  Unzip the files in CLRMGUPG.ZIP to your ColorMagic application directory (folder), overwriting any files whose names match. Your preferences will not be changed.

To use ColorMagic, you need to run CLRMAGIC.EXE in your ColorMagic application directory. Under Windows 3.1, you should create a Program Manager icon for CLRMAGIC.EXE. Under Windows 95, you should add a shortcut to CLRMAGIC.EXE to the Start menu, and/or place a shortcut on your desktop. In either case, consult the Windows documentation to find out how to do this. You can always run ColorMagic by double-clicking the CLRMAGIC.EXE file in File Manager or Explorer.

For further information, read the manual supplied with ColorMagic, MANUAL.WRI.

Download UPGRADE to ColorMagic version 1.02 now!

Q: Why this extra step before downloading ColorMagic?
A: So I can use the counter on this page to keep a separate record of the number of downloads.