Read this brief installation note while ColorMagic is downloading

To install ColorMagic, use the Windows 3.1 File Manager or Windows 95 Explorer to create an application directory (folder), eg C:\CLRMAGIC, and unzip the files in CLRMAGIC.ZIP to that directory.

To use ColorMagic, you need to run CLRMAGIC.EXE in your ColorMagic application directory. Under Windows 3.1, you should create a Program Manager icon for CLRMAGIC.EXE. Under Windows 95, you should add a shortcut to CLRMAGIC.EXE to the Start menu, and/or place a shortcut on your desktop. In either case, consult the Windows documentation to find out how to do this. You can always run ColorMagic by double-clicking the CLRMAGIC.EXE file in File Manager or Explorer.

For further information, read the manual supplied with ColorMagic, MANUAL.WRI.

Download ColorMagic version 1.02 now!

Q: Why this extra step before downloading ColorMagic?
A: So I can use the counter on this page to keep a separate record of the number of downloads.