A program for building and playtesting Magic: The Gathering® decks
Designed and written by Paul Chapman
Version 1.02 released July 15th 1997
Cards up to and including Weatherlight
This product is not published or endorsed by Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

NEW! ColorMagic News for October 14th 1997

ColorMagic is a freeware Windows program which allows you to: 
  • Build and edit Magic decks, with or without sideboards
  • Playtest your decks against each other
  • Play against a friend on a single computer
  • Play against a friend using two computers linked by a null-modem cable
Minimum requirements: 
  • IBM-PC-compatible computer with 386SX processor; 486DX or better recommended
  • 8 Mb memory; 16 Mb or more recommended
  • 16-color 640x480 graphics; 256-color 800x600 or more recommended
  • Two-button mouse or other pointing device
  • Microsoft Windows 3.1 or 95
Small edit

Take a look at a sample editor screen

Small game

Take a look at a sample game screen

ColorMagic is free, and I make no guarantees that it will work perfectly. Nevertheless, I will try and help anyone with any problems they might be having. I've tried ColorMagic on four different computers with four different display adapters, and under both Windows 3.1 and Windows 95, so you shouldn't have any problems. 

I'd be delighted if you would email me any comments or problems. I have been able to answer all emails received so far, and will continue to reply just as long as I'm not swamped.  

I developed ColorMagic for my own use, and continue to improve it all the time. I hope ColorMagic proves as useful to you as it has to me. Check back here whenever a new edition or expansion is released: there will probably be a new release of ColorMagic soon after. 

If you want to try ColorMagic, go right ahead and download it. If you already have ColorMagic and wish to upgrade to the latest version, download the upgrade instead. NOTE TO SMALLTALK USERS: ColorMagic was written using ParcPlace-Digitalk Smalltalk/V Windows version 2.0, and the full version contains the runtime libraries (.DLL files) needed to run a Smalltalk/V application. In the unlikely event that you are already running other Smalltalk/V Windows version 2.0 applications on your computer, you will already have these files. In this case, you only need to get hold of the upgrade, which just contains the files specific to ColorMagic.

ColorMagic News

October 14th 1997


With the recent release of Tempest, some of you who are using ColorMagic already will be back here looking for a new version which includes this latest expansion. I am currently working to add the new cards. This is usually just a question of adding them to the ColorMagic database from a spoiler list, and coping with any new "special" cards, token creatures and counters. This time, however, matters are complicated by the addition of the Licids, which are creatures which can change into local enchantments and back again. I will need to find a way of doing this. So please be patient. I hope that Tempest will be available here before the end of October.

Internet Play

I have also begun to look at making it possible to use ColorMagic to play over the internet. I haven't programmed TCP/IP or Winsock before, but I've learnt a fair amount over the past few days, and I have already assembled the necessary tools for the job. ColorMagic itself will need some changes to make it easier for players to follow the game without being able to speak to one another, for example a turn-phase display and the ability to indicate easily the target for a spell.

If and when an internet-enabled version of ColorMagic becomes available, it will almost certainly be shareware, probably with a registration cost of around $20. Developing an internet-enabled version will cost me real money (as opposed to merely the hundreds of hours of my time which have gone into ColorMagic so far), since I will have to test it, and I live in the UK where local calls are not free. Initially, though, my plan is NOT to make it crippleware, but merely to rely on the good consciences of those who use it.

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Paul Chapman
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