Big Brother 6 Diagrams

Big Brother 6 Round 1 No diagram I'm afraid; the number of housemates was too large for the program.


Big Brother 6 Round 2 Vanessa, Derek, Lesley and Craig block-voted for Sam and Saskia; their discussion of nominations has been noted elsewhere.

Sam and Saskia in their turn both voted for Lesley and Derek, whose antagonism was better advertised than Craig's. Craig himself escaped nomination altogether.

Makosi and Kemal, despite their apparent public support for the Boudoirgie, broke from the block-voting, and both nominated Derek, who received the most nominations.

Anthony and Maxwell find themselves adjacent to Sam and Saskia, while Science sits carefully on the fence.

Big Brother annulled these nominations and put the entire house up for eviction.


Big Brother 6 Round 3 Craig, Derek and Roberto were forbidden to nominate because they discussed nominations.

Only Anthony and Science failed to nominate Roberto.

Makosi and Saskia nominated two of the conspirators, but the third, Craig, received no nominations at all, along with Anthony, Kemal, Makosi and Vanessa.

Maxwell and Sam seem to have taken a dislike to each other.

Science nominated the two housemates who received the largest cheers the previous Friday.


Big Brother 6 Round 4 Maxwell and Science join Saskia in nominating Derek and Roberto.

None of the three remaining girls nominates a fellow girl.

Nominations are spread quite widely: only Craig and Saskia escape altogether.


Big Brother 6 Round 5 Big Brother bans Anthony and Maxwell from nominating for discussing nominations.

Derek, Kemal, Makosi and Vanessa block-vote Maxwell and Saskia, who are both up. Even though Anthony neither nominates nor receives any nominations, his position in the circle is inferred.

Had Anthony and Maxwell been allowed to nominate and both had nominated Makosi, Science, or both, those housemates respectively would also have been up for eviction.

Of those nominating, Science alone makes unique choices.


Big Brother 6 Round 6 Makosi and Vanessa break ranks from the group which successfully saw off Saskia last week. Eugene joins Derek and Kemal to nominate Maxwell and Anthony.

Science has only failed to nominate Maxwell once since the first week.

Makosi turns on Orlaith having invited her into the house just a week ago; she is the only girl to nominate another girl.

Eugene picks up two nominations, both from girls. Makosi and Vanessa avoid nomination altogether.

The diagram is a little more fractured than last week's.