Big Brother 5 Diagrams

Big Brother 5 Round 1 Nominations for the fake eviction to the bedsit.  Three are up for eviction, two will go.

Marco sits in the centre of his Harem, and Jason in the middle of the Jungle Cats.  Marco and Jason nominated each other.  There is also a marked male/female split.

Two Harem members are up for eviction, since the Jungle Cats are more numerous and better organized.

Not much can be read into Stuart and Michelle's proximity in the circle, nor Daniel and Jason's.


Big Brother 5 Round 2 Emma and Michelle nominate from the bedsit, but are themselves immune.

A big change in dynamics, as the Jungle Cats break up, and Victor and Stuart temporarily ally themselves with the remains of the Harem to successfully target the Grown-Ups.

Vanessa and Daniel's targetting of the Harem isn't enough to get them nominated.  Similarly, Michelle and Emma's votes for the Jungle Cats fail to have an effect.

Ahmania appears to kick in to protect Ahmed.

Stuart and Shell are once again the only housemates to evade nomination completely.