Big Brother 3 Diagrams

Big Brother 3 Round 1 The split of the house into two groups can clearly be seen - just like last year.

Only once before have we seen four people nominate identically.  BB rules on talking about nominations have obviously been broken.  Even Alex and Sandy seem to be guilty of collusion.

Jade and Spencer both take the risk of nominating one from each group, showing some rare and admirable independence of thought.

Adele was the only girl to nominate two girls, which has isolated her from the other girls in the diagram.

Looking at the tramlines, only the four ringleaders - Jonny, Alison, Alex and Sandy - seem to know who their enemies are.


Big Brother 3 Round 2 Rich are in blue, poor are in red.

The first thing that strikes you is the rich/poor split.  Not one poor nominated a fellow poor.

The evictees Lee and Jonny are both rich.  They are clearly the least popular with five nominations each, two ahead of Sandy and Alex.  Every poor nominated Lee.

Sophie has aligned herself rather unimaginatively with the slobs, and missed nominating either of those who nominated her.

Adele, Alex and Spencer all nominated the evictees; Spencer is the only housemate to have nominated only evictees both weeks, and thus appears to have the best handle on the house.


Big Brother 3 Round 3 Rich are in blue, poor are in red.

Once again, a rich/poor split, with only one from each side nominating someone from the same side.

Jade's exclusion from nominating made no direct difference to the outcome.

Everyone nominated at least one of the evictees; Jonny voted for both - possibly a real example of tactical voting.

Alex and Adele make the same nominations as each other for the second week running, turning on their former poor-side mates.  Alex has the most nominations so far (13), Adele the least (0), suggesting Adele is doing a grand job of hiding in Alex's shadow.


Big Brother 3 Round 4 Rich are in blue, poor are in red.

A very mixed bag.  The nominations are very evenly spread around.  Red and blue areas overlap for the first time, showing that loyalty to housemates on one's own side is deteriorating.

Out of 16 nominations total, 12 are mutual; in fact everyone knows who their enemies are except Jade.

Tim's outside knowledge of the show may have helped him nominate the eventual evictees.

Adele finally receives her first nomination.


Big Brother 3 Round 5 For the first time this year, those with only two nominations find themselves up for eviction.  This is more likely to happen when one person is nominated by everyone - in this case, Jade.

The diagram shows remarkable symmetry - had Tim nominated PJ instead of Kate, it would be symmetrical.

Tim's vote for Kate stands out because they are next to each other in the diagram.  It may have been a tactical vote.

Adele and Alex nominate identically for the third time.


Big Brother 3 Round 6 No nominations this week thanks to an idiotic task.


Big Brother 3 Round 7 Jonny and Kate reunite for the final nominations, bringing Jade on board.

This round is very similar to the last nominations of BB2, except that Kate avoids nomination completely.

Battle lines have been drawn, and finally everyone knows who their enemies are.

Everyone in the house could work out  the nominations made by Jade, Jonny and Kate.

The total number of people over the weeks who have nominated exactly the same as each remaining housemate is (pro rata): Alex 6, Jade 4.8, Jonny 8, Kate 7, Tim 4.